col4Property Management

We manage real estate property on behalf of clients who may not have the time and expertise  to carry out such exercise. The property management of property yields maximum returns as well as maintaining it in a way that it appreciates in value over time.

ban3Property Development

We carry out property development directly or coordinate the process for clients who want value for money. The process involves researching the market, site acquisition, design, costing of project, and construction.

col6Property Value Estimation

We provide valuation or estimation service for clients who wish to know the value of a property they intend to acquire, dispose off, lease or rent. Our knowledge of real estate trends in connection with transactions and statutory planning schemes enable us to make accurate and professional assessment of the subject property.

col8Property Inspection Service

This service has been designed specifically for clients who do not have the luxury of time to visit their building sites in order to see for themselves the true stage and condition of the project. Out team of inspectors will provide the current situation on the relevant site. This service seeks to forestall misinformation by acting as the truthful eye for the client.


AIM: To provide independent and accurate information on building projects under construction, condition of property before purchase, advise on potential sale and rental value, and the management of real estate property for Ghanaian and other nationals who have real estate interest in Ghana and other West African countries(future).

BENEFITS: Avoid situation whereby developers are fed wrong information about the stage and progress of work on project being undertaking on their behalf, to determine the true state of the property and environs (flood prone), conduct search on a property at Lands Commission and Land Title Registry to ascertain the legal status of a property so you do not pay for one under litigation.

CLIENT ACQUISITION: Advertise in dailies and on radio in the UK and on the internet. (London address and contact key)

TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT: Fill out a form detailing the nature of service required, payment made to an account in UK.

CLIENT REQUEST CATEGORY: Land or Building acquisition, Developers, Property Owners.

SERVICES CATEGORIES:      FEE($) EXCLUSIVE OF:            REMARK                                                                      TRANSPORT COST

PROJECT INSPECTION                           500                    VARY ACCORDING TO PROJECT SIZE. 3 VISITS

PROJECT COSTING                                800                     VARY ACCORDING TO PROJECT SIZE

LEGAL SEARCH ON PROPERTIES        300                                                               


BUILDING INSPECTION                          300                     VARY ACCORDING TO SIZE OF PROJECT. 1 VISIT 

LOCATION INSPECTION                         250                                                          


PROPERTY SALE AND RENTAL      5% FOR SALE ON MONTH FOR RENT                                                                          ESTIMATES


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT           10% OF YEARLY RENT